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Hi-Cote is a specialized fertilizer covered with a material that facilitates the gradual release of nutrients, ensuring a continuous and optimal nutrient supply throughout the plant's growth period.

Key Features

• Solid and uniform polymer coating allows for precisely controlled nutrient release over time.
• Suppresses early nutrient release to prevent seed damage caused by N (Sigmoid type).
• Customizable formula available for varying temperature and moisture level up to 360 days.
• Decreases nitrogen leaching and volatilization.
• Available with DAP, MAP, SOP, MOP, and urea.


(Polymer Coated Urea)

• Nitrogen content
– Linear 42 ~ 43%
– Sigmoid 38 ~ 39%
• Coating Color : Various
• Granule Size : 3 ~ 4.5mm
• pH : 7.0
• Hardness : 3kg/f

Why Should use CRF?

Quality control

• Precise and uniform coating technology
• Guaranteed longevity (according to plant needs)

High Fertilizer Utilization and
Economical Efficiency

• Increases utilization by reducing fertilizer loss (leaching, volatilization, etc.)
• Reduces total fertilizer use

Labor Saving

• One time application provides all NPK requirements until harvesting
• Eliminates the need for additional top dressing


• Reduces groundwater pollution
• Reduces greenhouse gas emission

How do CRFs work?

Nutrient release of the CRF occurs in three steps: Moisture penetration into the capsule; Fertilizer Dissolution; Nutrients release by osmotic pressure. When granules are applied to the soil, water penetrates into the granules and dissolves nutrients, which are later gradually release into the soil. The coating material controls water penetration and availability of nutrients in forms preferred by plants, that result in maximizing crop yields. Compared to slow release fertilizer, CRF is not affected by soil pH, salt damage, activity of microorganisms, oxidation, etc.


Moisture Penetration


Fertilizer dissolving


Nutrients Release

Coating Process

The CRF Coating Process involves spraying of coating material onto a fertilizer granule, resulting in the formation of a coating capsule. The uniformity and accuracy of Nousbo CRF are achieved through the application of a special coating technology.

01. Spraying

02. Adhesion

03. Coated Particle




  • Homogeneous type polymer coated CRF Uniform fertilizer effect.

  • 21+4+13 / 15+15+15 / 13+4+25 + Contains sulfur, magnesium, calcium, etc.


  • 100% coated fertilizer manufactured by Nousbo’s.
  • Expecting a uniform fertilizer effect by Monotype fertilizer containing all nutrients in one.
  • Customizable longevity up to 200 days by release control.
  • In addition to NPK, it contains trace elements such as Sulfur, Mg and Ca.
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  • Available supply nutrients as mini size fertilizer.

  • Re-scaled 1.2~2.4mm Mini coated CRF


  • Tiny granules that is Ideal for the potting mix and the soil incorporation.
  • Consistency in size allows for precise nutrient control.
  • Consist of Ammoniacal and nitrate N to provide a ready supply of nitrogen.
  • Prevent the degradation of soil from urea based fertilizer.


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  • Mixed fertilizer with polymer coated

  • N+P+K+Mg+S+TE


  • 100% All Coating : All raw materials are 100% polymer coated.
  • Hand & Machine : No dust, so it’s applicable both by hand and machine.
  • Hand & Machine : Only 1 time fertilization until harvest. Save money on labor and fertilizer cost.
  • Customizable : Both the NPK formula and nutrient release days are customizable according to crops.


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  • Suitable for crops that demands more nutrients in later growing stage

  • 2+1+7+9+MgO 1%


  • Sigmoid technology : Sigmoid technology is applied to S-Coat so it is suitable for crops that demands more nutrients in later growing stage.
  • Linear technology : It supplies nutrients necessary for the initial growth of crops.
  • Nutrition Release Control : Nutrition release amount control based on crop’s growing stage.
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  • High quality fertilizer containing coated Urea


  • Long time : Only once before the cultivation of a soil to supply nutrients in entire growing period.
  • Coating material : Includes 25% polymer coated urea according to crops.
  • Longevity : Humic acid and coated urea granules enhance the longevity.
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